Death Of The Organic Link

When you hear SEO's proclaiming that "SEO is Dead"  - the below infographic brilliantly lays out what that means .

Like it or not Google is a business that makes money by serving ads and having users click on those ads and not the "organic links" below them.

Googles Biz Dev team is busy figuring out how to cleverly serve more ads and bigger ads per page while labeling "organic links" - "spam" Tricky, eh?

Are "organic links" actually spam? Are SEO's spammers?

I'd say for the most part SEO's are not spammers and take it a step further by saying SEO's are the last hope for a democratized web, where all business small and large have a place in the results. Not just the ones that pay Google.

We need to start talking back to the "Big G" - what responsibilities do we want them to have towards a democratized web when their interests run counter to this?