How To Improve Your Site's On-Page SEO Post Penguin/Panda

We all know that having a strong on-page SEO Strategy comes from having relevant, optimized content around your sites topic or niche. The best way to generate traffic for relevant terms within a niche is to have each page optimized for one main topic term or phrase and use that phrase in your Title, Meta Description, Page Headings and body content in a way that reads naturally.

If your site is about cocktails, create pages for each type of cocktail and target each pages phrases accordingly – ie gin cocktails, vodka cocktails etc … It is much easier to rank a site well and generate traffic for specific types then it will be to rank for broader terms.

#1 Use An SEO/Content Plugin:

If you are on Wordpress the best and easiest way to organize, create and control the on-page elements of each page and blog post is to use an SEO Plugin. My personal favorite is the Yoast plugin. I find it user-friendly and intuitive even for beginners to take control of their on-page SEO. If you are a visual learner, like me, it gives you a guide to clearly see what you are doing on each page.

If you want to take it a step further into the “paid” plugin world. I highly recommend using Scribe by Copyblogger. Their pages do a great job of selling it so I wont do that here, but its really great to help boost on-page SEO to continuously be building a strong internal linking structure. 

#2 Internal Linking: Link To Your Newer Pages From Your “Best Thinking”

Every time you create a new post or page on your site, you create a new link that you can spread far and wide. Before you do that think about the internal links you can build first. Scribe shows you opportunities within your site for linkbuilding. It's pretty neat. You can link to your new content from your existing content to help boost the authority of the new page.

The strategy here is that your cornerstone content, your “best thinking” can work for you again and again each time you link from it to the newer content you create. It does this by passing authority from older more established content -“best thinking” content to your newer pages. Hence growing the sites overall authority.

New pages give you more opportunity to bring in fresh traffic, helps you appear for more queries ie what people type into search engines, and gets search engines to crawl your site more frequently.

#3 Link From Social Media To Each Page

This is sort of a follow up to boost your on-page work since social media is an off-page activity but I mention it because these days you cannot ignore social media's influence on every factor of your sites ability to gain authority.

My strategy here is to customize each social media post directly for that channel. For instance going back to the cocktail example; I would give a boost to all the hard work I did on-page by linking back to it from a social media channel, or two, or three.

Cocktails are very visually enticing so I would be willing to bet Pinterest would be a strong follow-up  for all your new content.

For every type of cocktail page you create, pin some coordinating images to Pinterest and link back to the exact page on your site. If you're still addicted to keywords and old-school SEO, an anchor text link with your main keyword/phrase for that page would be appropriate here.

Hope this helps with get you started on your on-page SEO Strategy and gives you some new ideas for internal linkbuilding. Remember, you can always contact us for help!