The Best Times & Tools For Social Media

There's a science behind the best times to post to social media. Each channel has an ideal post length, time of day and etiquette to follow to maximize engagement. Below is some favorite tools of the trade and a guide to best practices.  Use it to help you decide what works best for your workflow & analytics needs. 

How To Know the Right Tools & Times For You

Tools will give you vital information you can use to personalize your posting schedule. If you are serious about growing your engagement and following, you need to be using one of these:

1. Buffer

My personal tool of choice. One of the most popular post scheduling and sharing apps out there. It gives you insights into when you should be posting and baseline analytics- how you are doing- what was a "top post" and what kind of engagement you received, so you can optimize based on these learnings. I like the handy "rebuffer this post" option in the Analytics tab. This helps you to share your most popular content time and time again.



2. HootSuite

The most popular social media sharing tool for it's robust multi-platform options and deep dive analytics. A great option for those who have to handle many social media accounts or who want to be able to track conversations and mentions of their brand.

My favorite feature of HootSuite is the ability to add LinkedIn Group Streams. Really handy if you are managing a company LinkedIn group or just as a way to expand reach of your content into groups as opposed to just posting to the general content timeline.




3. ManageFlitter

A lesser known platform but one I am using with clients who want to focus on Twitter. Really fantastic weekly reports that give you a window into how you did during the week overall. My favorite features are the Influence graph that shows how your influence is growing over time, and the "new followers by influence" chart, which makes it easy to see your most important new followers so you can start building a relationship with them. Another great feature is the ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts at the same time, so if you are the person responsible for the CEO, VP and designers tweets, you could manage it all from one dashboard. 



Infographic by Buffer