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Comic Relief / Red Nose Day



Comic Relief started Red Nose Day in the UK, but now the fundraising campaign is operated as two separate entities on both sides of the pond. When the US-based organization met with damolade in 2018, the Digital Director, Mitch Hansen was concerned with the site’s organic visibility. wasn’t ranking on the first page of search engine results. So they asked for help developing a strategy to develop the organization’s On-page SEO, Technical SEO, and improving overall search engine positions and technical performance.

“When we started, only ranked for brand terms. Meaning, people who already knew about the charity were searching for their website,” said Danielle Devereux, chief SEO strategist at damolade. ”Now we have a much more equitable split between branded and non-branded keywords driving traffic and goal completions on site.”

Red Nose Day

“One of the early brand awareness wins the damolade team established for us was to enhance our rich search results by implementing schema markup and correct position issues we had in the serps. Now our USA site finally ranks above the UK site in US-based searches.”

Mitch Hansen
Digital Director for Comic Relief

What We Did

• Developed SEO content strategy

• Enriched rich search results (structured data)

• Optimized information architecture

• On-page optimizations of existing landing pages and blog posts

• Created new pages and posts to fill content gaps

• Setup and monitored keyword position growth

• Maintained technical SEO health

Year Over Year Results


Growth in Unbranded Keywords Due to Increased Content Marketing


Increase in New Users to Site Year Over Year


Organic Growth of New Donor Contributions Year Over Year

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