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Danielle Devereux is an Austin, TX based full-stack marketing consultant with over 10 years experience in digital media.

Danielle brings creative vision, strategic thinking and lean execution to projects for small businesses & start-ups all over the world.

Measuring where you've been, crafting strategy and executing the steps to take your business to "the next level."

I'm focused on the success of your brand.

Let's work together!

“Danielle is my go-to for all things content strategy. She’s not only a fantastic writer and editor, she also is current with best-of-breed digital marketing strategies (SEO, social media, etc.). She is a great listener and doesn’t oversell her services (something I have found some marketing consultants like to do). She can work with the biggest brands as well as very new startups with big learning curves.

Danielle can scale her team up or down as clients needs shift. She approaches work in a highly collaborative, inclusive way that I deeply appreciate, and she values clients who are authentic, professional and changemakers.

I highly recommend Danielle!”

Kristy LaFollette
VP, Sales and Operations, Favorite Medium


“We worked with Danielle on our content strategy at Neo. Our market was around innovation strategy, and we found it very difficult to find content strategists who were business savvy, startup savvy, and tech/design savvy enough to channel what we did. Danielle was a quick study, and the first (after many) to really represent us in a sophisticated, authentic way. She ended up taking over our innovation newsletter and driving much of our social media content work, bringing great leverage to the business. I was very impressed and would love to work with her again in future.”

Giff Constable
CEO of Neo Innovation


“Danielle is a very knowledgeable social media warrior. She knows her stuff when it comes to efficiently maximizing your social media footprint. We asked her to assist with launching our social media accounts, and she did exactly that with grace, enthusiasm, and diligence.”

Christy Mirabal
Producer of BroadMic


“Danielle has been instrumental in setting up the new RGR Marketing website and ensuring on-page SEO best practices from the beginning. She is now in charge of content strategy, marketing and linkbuilding tactics. Because of her ability we constantly see our core keywords rise in google rankings month after month.”

Silas Ellman
Executive Vice President, RGR Marketing


“damolade excels at one of the most challenging aspects of outreach – the ask. Anyone can identify key websites, but convincing their editors to link to your website is an extremely difficult challenge. Thanks to damolade’s influencer outreach, we were able to get our clients’ content featured on major media outlets.”

Rich Angstadt
President of Radium Labs


“Danielle is extremely impressive. She is a great communicator and has extensive domain knowledge around SEO, content marketing, and social media. I’ve literally hired TONS of people and Danielle stands at the top as the most reliable and results oriented that I’ve seen. If you have the opportunity to hire her for your business, I would absolutely recommend it.”

James Dickerson
CEO of Crush Campaigns


“Danielle of damolade consulting has great depth of insight into all things online. From concept – to design – to marketing, Danielle understands how a website works, how to get qualified traffic, and what the traffic is supposed to do – convert.  She is also a social media whiz, especially as it relates to SEO.”

Brandon Clay
President of Search Traffic Pro


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