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damolade consulting
Danielle Devereux is an Austin, TX based full-stack marketing consultant with over 10 years experience in digital media.

Danielle brings creative vision, strategic thinking and lean execution to projects for small businesses & start-ups all over the world.

Measuring where you've been, crafting strategy and executing the steps to take your business to "the next level."

I'm focused on the success of your brand.

Let's work together!

All Social Media Campaigns Are Not Created Equal

Agencies don’t have the time to truly understand your customers, they are bogged down with dozens of accounts.  I carefully select all my projects to make sure I can deliver the results you deserve for your budget. That means being really picky. Good picky.

Understanding Who You Want to Reach

When you work with me, I make it my mission to understand who you are, who your customers are, and where they congregate online. I create personas, content topics, and a social media style guide so you know who to talk to, what to say and how to say it, before you say anything.

Oh, and I’m just getting started.

Choosing The Right Channels

Taking the time to carefully select social channels greatly enhances your outcomes. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram can all be part of your marketing mix. I help you decide the who, what, where and how of each.

Social Listening & Sharing

I monitor important conversations that are happening in your niche and contribute the right content at the right time gaining you valuable engagement and reach from the right audience.

Social Analysis

My analysis provides real insights about the metrics that matter the most. I monitor every active channel, measure growth & engagement and make changes to strategy as needed. I give you a clear window into what is resonating with your audience and where we need to improve.


Let’s Craft A Compelling Social Media Campaign Together, Shall We?

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