SEO Content Strategy Services Package


$1,500 -$3,500

Per month 3-mon min

This option is great for teams who don’t want to DIY their SEO and want an easy-to-follow strategy document, organizational processes, and conversion-optimized content to drive sales, collect emails, and grow their business.

We offer this as a white-label SEO service for agencies.

Please inquire.

Package includes
  • SEO Audit & Strategy Roadmap
  • Keyword research and recommendations for main landing pages and posts
  • Content inventory and copywriting for comprehensive metadata: meta titles, meta descriptions, headings, alt text, and URL suggestions for all pages
  • Content management – we create and optimize your editorial processes, including content creation (if needed) and SEO optimizations.
  • SEMRush keyword position tracking report (if ongoing, after mos. 3)
  • SEMRush organic traffic report and analysis (if ongoing, after mos. 3)
    1x editorial meeting per month

Harness two decades of SEO and content strategy expertise for your organic growth!

Our fully customizable SEO Content Strategy services package has been perfected, developed, and refined to deliver results fast.

The SEO Content Strategy services package sets us apart from your standard SEO firm because of our comprehensive approach.

This package includes all the features of our On-page SEO services package and introduces customized content strategy components like:

  • strategy documents – personas, messaging, templates
  • workflows – editorial, organizational

Imagine an integrated organizational workflow seamlessly connecting editorial and SEO efforts month-to-month, fostering a smooth collaboration between our teams.

We deliver meticulously researched keywords aligned with your user and business goals every month and provide in-depth metadata for every page, including:
focus keywords,
title tags, descriptions,
recommendations for links and URLs

All are neatly organized in a content inventory/spreadsheet.

We take SEO Strategy further with a fully customizable Content Strategy

We Can Create:

  • A one-page strategy document your whole team can follow
  • Personas that define who your ideal customers are
  • Messaging maps that clarify your audience targeting
  • Content for high-ranking landing pages
  • Content for high-converting blog posts
  • Persuasive email copy
  • Engaging social media posts

– or assist your team while staying aligned with your brand goals.

Beyond that, we’ll assist you in defining overarching:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs),
  • refining page-level Calls to Action (CTAs),
  • and optimizing GA4 for heightened analytics insights.

Let’s get started

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    Our process

    At the forefront of our mission is to amplify the visibility and growth of innovative organizations, allowing them to concentrate on building a more fair and sustainable future for everyone.

    Discovery & Goal Setting

    Discovery & Goal Setting

    Every business needs to know where they want to go and how to get there. We use a proven discovery process to identify your goals and build your strategy into a customized action plan.

    Analysis & Systems

    Analysis & Systems

    If you already capture your data, we’ll teach you how to better understand key metrics and use them to grow your business. If you don’t, we’ll start collecting and leveraging your data in the most effective way. Our systems are scalable and grow with your business.

    Creative & Strategic Collaboration

    Creative & Strategic Collaboration

    We always bring new ideas and skills to the table. We’re your strategic partners—here to collaborate with you, or take the reins—on your marketing projects. Everyone has a unique style. We’ll explore yours and do what works best for your team.

    Implementation & Growth

    Implementation & Growth

    Our services are designed to grow your business as sustainably as possible by implementing a strong foundation and a long-term plan. We’re in it for the long haul and want to work with organizations that are, too.